Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blast from the Past

long awaited photos just arrived from across the land pouring from the interweb...

Many Many thanks to the lovely Chase Koopersmith for outstanding Fabulousness

The Yes.Oui.Si ... 3rd Street Art Project ... May 8th OH.ten

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great Fruit Presents ...

Pure Honey
May Eight OH.ten

Pure Honey an inconspicuous TANTALIZING TEASER*

Infiltrating an empty Mission Hill apartment to
Look. Listen and Taste the Pure Honey
This intimate show displayed select works highlighting 18 different artists showing
Collage,Painting,Video,Photos,Jewlery and 


The evening was a great success.

Guests were encouraged to contribute an ingredient to incorporate in to the tapas palette, prepared by improv chefs Gabriel Sweet and Terrence Gaide.
After the feast and a couple glasses of sangria later we slipped in to some succulent tunes performed by Miguel deBraganza.

an ENORMOUS thank you to our artists. The caliber of  the work in Pure Honey grasped a new echelon… meaning there’s only one place to go from here…
straight up to the clouds with the bees.

Colette AlimanSofya Belinskya
Jacques Cazaubon SeronadeMiguel deBraganza
Niko EwingStephen St. Francis Decky
Terrence Gaide…Lena Gustafson …Alexa GuarigliaMiguel Horowitz
Olivia Ives-FloresMaxime ItenAdrian Molina
Angel Russell      … and George Wanker

Hefty amounts of gratitude to our chefs Gabe and Terrence…the food was delicious

Hats off to the neighborhood watch dogs Phil, Frank and Mike for keeping an eye on everything

And of course massive kudos to our soaking guests who endured the heat wave to join us!
* TANTELIZNG TEASER ? you may ask…well..drum roll please
We are proud to announce that GreatFruit Productions will be opening an exhibition space this fall. In the late Rice Bowl Gallery located on Vancouver st. and Huntington Ave, smack dab in between the Museum of Fine Arts and Mass College of Art and Design. the space will serve as a middle ground where students and creators, collectors and art enthusiasts can connect in an inspiring and creative environment.
Pure Honey is just a taste of the caliber of work you can expect to see this fall.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Two weeks ago the GreatFruit Collective gave an unsuspecting Cambridge office space, slated for demolition, one last hurrah.  For 72 hours the artists toiled against the clock transforming florescence and white walls into a colorful multi-sensory exhibition space.  The YES OUI SI show at 270 3rd St. in Kendall Square was the result of a collaboration with the Cambridge Art Council’s Open Studio event. 
We came together with a vision: Find a space and create a variety show, fusing together many unique talents in a vast spectrum of mediums and showcasing the works of our extended family. 
Entering the Labyrinth

Aqua-Performance Environment

With blue and green waves of acetate dancing up the glass walls and a large bubble wrap projection screen, this underwater space was a briny stage for musicians and performers, including Nina Violet, Baby Brainwaves, Willy Mason, James Sprang, The Hog Stompers, Nate Sprague, Angel Russell, Adam Howell, The Old Edison, Adam Lipsky, Miguel de Braganza, Mike Schlenoff and Horse Thief.   Also in this space was a collaborative painting environment, live projections by Sarah Gingras, and a super psychedelic stage backdrop painted by Dawn Simunovich.  The guests sat powwow style on the floor and remained captivated by the musical performances, until late Sunday when everybody found their dancing shoes. 

The L Gallery

The events most formal space displaying contemporary works in traditional media of painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.  
Salvaged Soundscape, by Blaise Danio

an interactive installation where viewers are invited to sit inside two facing pillars, created from an amalgamation of highly resonate discarded objects such as window panes, steel railroad spikes and drinking glasses,. inorder to encourage the exploration of the vibrationaly neglected.

Jason Bashaw

Jason Bashaw’s re-creation of an eighteenth century woodshop was a performance featuring traditional tools including a shave horse, froe, hand drills and chisels.  These were used to transform logs into boards and spindles, which by the end of the event had filled the wood room. The smell of the freshly cut wood was divine, a true highlight of the entire show.

Tiny Nook Gallery

A space for a more intimate investigation of smaller works by Lena Gustafson, Olivia Ives-Flores and Lilla Cory Warren . On display where an array of texture photographs, Litho prints, collage, drawings and hand-held bronze reliquary sculptures.

No Man’s Land   

No Man’s Land is a mixed media installation utilizing light, space, and life.  It plays with the viewers’ perception of space and the relative confinement of our bodies’ relationship with it.  Upon entering the room one’s attention is taken, first, by the ephemeral light reflecting off of the silvery surface of the walls, then immediately by the only object inside: a cube fashioned of two-way mirrors.   In the cube are a mirrored dome, green plant-life, and exposed fluorescent light bulbs.  The mirrored surface inside the cube gives the effect of an infinitely reflecting world with nothing else to disrupt the pure simplicity of plants and light.  The voyeuristic nature of the two-way mirror gives the viewer a sense that while looking into the cube the life inside (obviously blind) cannot see or sense anything beyond their infinite confinement.  The room itself being mirrored on every part of it’s boxy surface hints at being in a space similar to the inside of the cube.  This connection between the inside of the cube and the inside of the room itself suggests simply that perhaps the spaces we normally exist in are more confining than we think they are.  

Prelude to C.A.A.T. photo exhibition by Zacharie Lanoue

exhibiting an smorgasbord of reinterpretations and documentation of Classic Age Appropriate Togetherness (C.A.A.T), GreatFruit Family, Baby BrainWaves as well as his other photographic exploits.   

Contemporary Age Appropriate Togetherness C.A.A.T Litter Box

The living, gyrating, pulsating organism oozing and spilling paint and wit. The origin of everything that is C.A.A.T, collaborations by Miguel Horowitz and George Winkler.

Black Box Movie House and Puppet Theater
Using creative ingenuity, staples and black trash bags, a windowless storage space was transformed in to a black box movie house with pillow seating on the flloor. Videos were screened on to a traveling theatre constructed by Mass Art Sculptor Alisa Javitz, showcasing the works of David Henry Gerson, Kevin Clancy, Adrian Molina and Olivia Ives-Flores, and animations by Nick Gibney, Brooke Scibelli, and Zacharie LaNoue were shown as well.