Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GreatFruit Family Y'Art Sale

this past saturday the greatfruit family staged a y'art sale in the parking lot behind our inman square flat.  everybody who came out was blessed with sunshine, sound, food, prints, photographs, pottery, recycled clothes,  and carnival games including ring, beanbag, and a mechanical rotating coin toss, ball hockey, and catch the painted plastic pumpkin on a hook 'n string.  there was hula-hooping and dancing and andrew melvin zizik conducting the loopy lulu lala zim zim mouth orchestra. the hogstompers performed a marathon 4 hour set of electrified jugfunk music 

and baby brainwaves followed with their giant psychedelic sea bird sound.  

the yar't sale was all in all a super great fun time and we even raised some funds for the vaudeville art show on MAY 8th and 9th.   i dont want to give it away yet because all the confirmations aren't in, but it looks like the musical line up is going to be FANTASTIC!!!!!  thank you so much to everybody who came out and to all those who helped in preparing the event. lets do it again soon.   
love, GFFP

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GreatFruit Family on Parade

The first inklings of sunshine on St. Patty's day was just the spark needed to break out and celebrate. The mission of the day was to sprinkle color around the Cambridge commonwealth, turn up the volume and rustle up the banal routines of our fellow citizens. We painted flags and banners advertising FOOD! ART! MUSIC! FAMILY! FUN! and GAMES!

After the paint had dried, costumes coordinated, face paint applied, instruments and players rallied, we hit the street. It may have appeared slightly bazaar, surprisingly out of the ordinary, or even perhaps down right crazy, but the parade was simply GreatFruit's version of gorilla marketing. We were marching to raise awareness about our weekend Y'Art sale and lot party in Inman square. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Y'Art Sale

Come One Come All!

48 Beacon st. Inman Square (across from Food Master)
noon-ish till evenin'


Music by the HogStompers and Baby BrainWaves

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Brainwaves Gorilla Performance in the Harvard Staircase

Gorilla Art Shows Specially for You

Random Acts of Art
Out and About #1

The idea behind getting G.A.S.S.Y is a practice in inconspicuous spontaneity.
A reevaluation of conventional spaces, and an incentive to create informal artworks with the intention to share. 15th floor Staircase B in the Harvard Psychology Building was the location of our first impromptu debut. Baby Brainwaves secretly serenaded the worker bees in white lab coats from the stair shaft.

"Sheik Aiders"

"Bear Claw"

Baby Brainwaves play Bear Claw in stairwell B Floor 15 @ Harvard Univeristy

last friday afternoon olive and the bwaves took a field trip to harvard to install string, mirrors, and songs in a stairwell at harvard u as part of the 1st installment of greatfruit family's weekly guerilla series.  here's a song we played called bear claw.  if the weather clears later today we're gonna be playing at blaze's barbecue so come on by fir some grub 'n tunes!  on another tip the sounds we are capturing for our album are super satisfying and all the b-waves agree that wensley st. has bomb acoustic properties and that certain je-ne-sais-quois element.  i'm gonna post a couple other performances of the band from last month and another song from harvard guerilla day.  thank you all for coming out friday night to gay gardens, i/bwaves had a blast!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


In my opinion Space 242 is by far one of Boston's most radical Art Spaces. They consistently show a variety of awesome art with tantalizing themes. Step Right Up Step Right Up


Thursday, March 4, 2010

a day in the life of

A day in the life of Miguel Stewart Horowitz

I wake up early afternoon between twelve and two id say,
he smokes a cigarette
if he has nowhere to go
he checks the weather and the news and shit like that
 "if my cigarette makes me poo maybe ill poo"

go to studio
dump paint everywhere
screw stuff
tidy up
wander and work on the aura of the place

then he goes home
and strums his guitar
make a song... or try .. to

cut faces

eat a cheeseburger or a steak quesidilla
(he's been snacking through out the day)

prelude to a buuurp

he's addicted to documentaries such as jesuscamp.commune.bloodsandcrypts.foxnews.iraqwar
(or on off days he chooses chessy fuckin turn your brain off action flicks)

before he shuts his eyes for the night
he might take a shower
he might southpark
he might art book
he might...tehe and go to bed

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adrian Molina Sclupture

New Images of Adrian Molina's Sculptures have been realized and are ready for presentaion.

The Fruits visit Container Man

Located in the woods in Acton Ma, is a budding collective of musicians and sculpturs prepairing for the grand opening of CAI; Contemporary Art International. A few Members of the team forrayed through the woods and saw what was up. Now were part of the team and working with them to get ready for the grand opening On March 22nd. It will be a three day festival with performances by Bread and Puppet theater dancers, music in gardens played on one of a kind musical inventions, hungarian stews, floating fires in a granite quarry and much more. stay in touch for more!