Monday, May 3, 2010


What: YES OUI SI is a two day multi-sensory exhibition of art, music, and performance.

WHO: GreatFruit Productions is a Boston based collective of visually and aurally inclined creators, founded in Autumn of 2006. What started as a group of young artists has since flourished into an organized collective. We coordinate moments and facilitate situations of collaboration through a fusion of multimedia art shows and kaleidoscopic music concerts.

WHERE: 270 3rd st. Cambridge, MA 02142

WHEN: May 8th and 9th 12am-10pm

The Greatfruit Collective in collaboration with the Cambridge Arts Council presents YES OUI SI, an exhibition of over 30 artists from around the Northeast converging for a two day variety show.  Get lost in the mirror cube and find yourself in the baboon saloon with the back porch jugg funk of The Hogstompers, the bird songs of Nina Violet and the sea soaked ballads of troubadour Willy Mason.  Subject yourself to performance art and drown your senses in the underwater music room in celebration of Baby Brainwaves CD release.  Feast your eyes on multi-media installations spilling off walls and ceilings and inspect paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and photographs culled from around the world.  Quit being so nervous and tip the burlesque dancers.

In Exhibition: Sculpture, Instillation, Painting, Photography, Collage, Music, Performance, Puppetry, Burlesque, Theater, Video, Animation, Prints

Participating Artists: Jaques Cazobron, Zach Lanoue, Miguel Horowitz, CAAT, Pat Wallace, Olivia Ives-Flores, Mike Potecha, Adrian Molina, Peter Calderwood,  Elizabeth Kavarsky, Melvin Zizik, Niko Ewing, Mike Schlenoff, Miguel de Braganza, Ellie Daucher, Alisa Javitz, David Gerson, Blaise Danio, Nick Gibney, Lena Gustafson, Sophie Bignet, Lucy Henderson, Hannah Rosenthal, Jason Bashaw, Adam Lipsky, Nina Violet, Colin Ruel, Willy Mason, Baby Brainwaves, The Hogstompers, Adam Howell, Angel Russell, Marciana Jones, James Sprang, Nate Sprague, Kevin Clancy, Dawn Simunovich and more. 

Adrian Molina / Zach LaNoue

Zach Lanoue

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